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*[ NowRx]: $2M raised
*[ Alto]: $23M raised.
*[ Pillpack]: $117M raised. Bought by Amazon for ~$1B in mid-2018.
*[ TinyRx]: $5M
*[ Blink Health]: $165M raised.
*[ RxAnte]: Med Adherence related analytics. Raised ~$4M in 2012, sold to a lab testing company in end 2013. Analytics platform that targets, manages, and evaluates medication quality programs run by Care Delivery Organizations, Payers.
*[ RxWiki]: Offers a medication encyclopedia written by pharmacists, tools to help communicate with consumers, design adherence programs. $5.75M raised in Oct 2016. In Feb 2017, merged with an IVR/Telecom tech company (TeleManager) to form [ Digital Pharmacist].
*[ PillPackHoy Health]: Online pharmacy that delivers custom packaged medications on scheduleSeed-stage. Founded 2013. Raised $117MDiscount coupons, delivery.
*[ RxPredict]: Analytics to predict med adherence issues, related apps and dashboard
*[ Spring]: $1.5M raised to create ML-based decision support tech for psychiatrists to choose the right anti-depressant for patients

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