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*[ Glooko]: Care coordination/management platform for Diabetes population. $36M raised.
*[ Contessa Health]: Outsourced care coordination tech and support services geared towards bundled payment programs
* Stitch Health: YC2015, Bill Gurley.
*[ CareSync]: $20M+ raised. Outsourced care management for providers. Concierge record service for consumers.
*[ Chartspan]: PHR for patients, CCM solution for providers. Raised close to $20M.
*[ Welkin Health]: $11.5M raised.
*[ Collective Medical]: ED-focused care coordination. $47M raised. KPCB!
*[ Stitch Health]: "Slack for care coordination". YC Alum 2015. Series A lead Bill Gurley.*[ Karuna Health]: $1.2M Seed. SF Based. Care coordination workflow software.

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