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* '''[[Advanced Analytics]]''': A forward-looking style of information analysis focused on continuous and iterative investigation of past performance to drive business planning and estimate future performance. Predictive modeling is perhaps the most widley recognized technique in this category, but there are others. This list contains information around Advanced Analytics news, resources and offerings.
*'''[[Transition of Care]]Coordination''': Read Solutions that focus on making it easier for different stakeholders (family, relatives, clinicians, social worker, care manager, etc.) in the extended care team to work with one other in context of a single patient's care. There is no consensus or explicit definition, but [ Quality_Connections__Care_Coordination.aspx thispaper from NQF] for backgroundis mostly right about what Care Coordination means. I actually consider care transition to be a part There are two subtle groups of enterprise Electronic Health Records (EHRs), but there have recently been a number offerings within this overarching topic:**'''[[Transition of companies Care]]''': Companies that are focused on creating solutions for managing the transition of patient from one care setting to another (e.g. discharge from inpatient facility to home or PCP 's care). This list doesn't include the traditional EHR vendors. Read [ this] for background**'''[[Care Collaboration]]''': Solutions Companies that focus on making it easier don't just skew to transition event workflows. They are marketing solutions for different caregivers (family, relatives, clinicians, etc.) and teams to work with one other in context of a single patientcoordinating care ''s even within the same caresetting''. Like Transition of Care, this is something that conventional enterprise EHRs would ideally provide, but niche companies are emerging focused on just this value proposition. Also note that the The line between care collaboration and transition of care solutions is bit gets blurry. There is no consensus or explicit definition, but from my perspective, both belong quite often due to the overall topic of [ Care Coordination]overzealous marketing.
*'''[[Population Health Management]]''': Healthcare IT software related to managing a large group of patients. Includes vendors offerings that have to do with registries, research cohorts, patient panel management, etc.

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