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<div class="center" style="width: auto; margin-left: auto; margin-right: auto;"><u>'''Broad Topics'''</u></div>
* '''[[Advanced Analytics]]''': A forward-looking style of information analysis focused on continuous and iterative investigation of past performance to drive business planning and estimate future performance. Predictive modeling is perhaps the most widley recognized technique in this category, but there are others. This list contains information around Advanced Analytics news, resources and offerings.
*'''[[Communication]]''': With the market focus on interop and care transition, several firms have started claiming to solve the communication-silo problem in healthcare. Real-time, secure exchange of messages across organizational and team boundaries is an inspiring dream. Current approaches to it span HIE names, Secure Texting vendors, Secure Emailing etc.
  <div class="center" style="width: auto; margin-left: auto; margin-right: auto;"><u>'''Narrow Topics'''</u></div>   *'''[[Clinical Domain Specific]]''': Some of the interesting companies have chosen a particular clinical specialty as their target market. Like Dermatology, Mental Health, etc. Offerings typically include marketplaces, telemedicine, etc.
*'''[[Niche Informatics Companies|Niche Healthcare IT Companies]]''': Firms offering specialized, sometimes informatics-heavy products. Most have not seen significant market traction. They are noted here because of the somewhat unique pedigree or solution or target market. Mostly, they focus on opportunities not directly addressed by big players in Healthcare IT industry.

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