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*'''[[Hardware Platforms]]''': These are the players putting forth physical computing devices with healthcare focus. There are major technology companies with a broad approach across various form factors (smartphones, tablets, etc) that are built to withstand bumps, disinfection, spills etc. And there are minor companies with a focus on providing a hardware hub for home-based care and remote monitoring (usually for the elderly).
*'''[ Remote Monitoring]''': Till about mid-2012 this was a curated stream of news, articles and products that pertain to the overall topic of sensor-based remote monitoring in healthcare. After that, the market started getting a lot of noise and confusing buzz. So this topic lost its priority.
*'''[[Communication]]''': With the market focus on interop and care transition, several firms have started claiming to solve the communication-silo problem in healthcare. Real-time, secure exchange of messages across organizational and team boundaries is an inspiring dream. Current approaches to it span HIE names, Secure Texting vendors, Secure Emailing etc.
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