Transition of Care

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  • Healthloop
  • Care In Sync: pivoted their focus to CCM outsourcing. Features: Case mgmt, health 'assistants', program dashboards
  • Healthy Circles: Acquired by Qualcomm in 2013. Now defunct.
  • Care Team Connect: Acquired by Advisory Board in end-2013. Now defunct.
  • Cipher Health: Recorded care instructions, follow-up calls
  • Axial Exchange: Confusing. Talk about ToC, but mostly provider-focused referral mgmt. features and dashboard.
  • TransitionAdvantage by Vree Health, a Merck subsidiary. Had trained care coaches, portal. Acquired by PatientSafe in 2015.
  • Right Care Solutions: Discharge Decision Support - risk-stratifies patients for post-acute care, matches patients to PAC and alerts that facility. Acquired by Navihealth in Dec 2015.
  • Aidin: Equips hospital discharge planners with a tool that creates a custom list of post-acute care providers to match each patient’s needs.
  • PointRight: A tool for hospital discharge planners that identifies patients’ risk for readmission and selects best SNF in area to mitigate that risk.
  • NaviHealth: Assists hospitals, health systems, and payers with selecting most clinically and financially appropriate post-acute providers.
  • Curaspan CareView: Bunch of workflow tools. They have been around since 1999.
  • Ringful Health: Amongst other things, they do discharge planning and patient education
  • Open Placement: Marketplace for post-acute care facilities, matching demand with supply
  • LoopBack Analytics: Patient communication, med adherence sub-focus
  • MedWorkxx: Decade-old canadian company that has forms & Assessments, and Bed Management type workflow solutions