Niche Informatics Companies

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  • Medicomp: Medcin (knowledge engine), Quippe (EMR overlay tool for documentation), CliniTalk (voice to data transformation)
  • Archimedes Model: Healthcare modeling
  • Register Patient: Registeration plug-in service
  • TrialX: Clinical Trials marketplace.
  • Corengi: Same as TrialX, but only for diabetes trials
  • CCme: Direct Project based patient inboxes
  • Happtique: White-labeled App Stores for Healthcare industry
  • Agile Diagnosis: SaaS Diagnostic Decision Support
  • Doublecheck MD: Multi-drug interaction/symptom checker for patients
  • Cara Health: readmission management by guiding call operators through patient interactions
  • DermLink: Cloud-based dermatology referral and diagnosis
  • DocPhin: Personalized medical news and research discovery platform
  • HIPAAT: Provides consent management and auditing solutions. Just that.
  • Tonic Health: Data collection platform for patient information
  • 5 O'Clock Recrods: Intermediary for managing patient requests for their medical records. Has a payment platform too.
  • Motive Medical Intelligence: A former medical education service company that is now a clinical evidence and care plan content vendor