NLP & Speech Recognition

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  • Health Fidelity (based on Columbia’s MedLEE engine)
  • Medicomp
  • Dragon Medical from Nuance: The biggest player, used by many other companies like MD-IT
  • MModal: Multiple solutions for transcription
  • CliniThink: Converts free-text medical data into structured information
  • Cara Health: Detects language patterns in telecare and care management call center operatives interactions and helps reduce readmissions
  • Code Ryte: NLP engine that automatically assigns appropriate codes
  • 360 Fresh: NLP for risk assessments and outcomes analysis. Acquired by Advisory Board.
  • MedCPU: Does free-text processing to deliver clinical workflow decision support
  • QPIDHealth: Aggregates EHR data, Does NLP search and manifests as apps.
  • Talix: Spinoff from Healthline. Uses proprietary NLP to do Analytics.