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  • Manage My Pills: A countertop appliance from Philips that reminds someone to take pills and delivers the correct dosage like a vending machine.
  • AdhereTech: Smart pill bottles
  • Glowcaps: Smart pill bottle lids. Acquired by NantHealth.
  • Proteus Biomed: Wearable and ingestible sensors that gather information about medication-taking, activity and rest patterns. Heavily venture funded.


  • Allazo Health: Analytics for medication non-adherence for health insurers and Pharmacy Benefit Management companies (PBMs). Uses existing member data to anticipate medication non-adherence and predict intervention strategy.
  • PictureRx: Pictorial, simple instructions and reminders for patients to take medicines correctly. Founded by an MD at Vanderbilt.
  • NLM's Pillbox: Guided identification of unknown solid-dosage medications based on physical characteristics and high-resolution images. Have API, Data download and images (soon) available. Open source, based on data derived from drug labels submitted to FDA by drug manufacturers and NLM's RxNorm.
  • HealthFinch: Optimizes Rx renewal requests. Only works with Allscripts Enterprise currently.
  • Intelecare: White-labeled personal notification and communication management system for businesses like employers, insurers, pharmacies etc.
  • DoubleCheckMD: Patient-oriented tool for checking interactions and side-effects in prescriptions


  • GoodRx: Med price transparency platform for consumers, businesses, doctors
  • ID My Pill: Identify medications by taking a picture of them from your smartphone.
  • MedWatcher: Tracks the side effects of drugs, vaccines, and medical devices through user reports and social media

Near-Commodity Reminder, Med list management offerings (app/web):

  • ActualMeds: Startup previously called AdhereTx. A web-based tool to manage complex medication regimens. Risk Assessment and Medication Therapy Management, Reconciliation service value proposition. Includes guided interview called KnowMyMeds.
  • MonitorMyMeds: Reminders for meds. Can incorporate personalized voice messages by caregivers. $8/month.
  • Nightingale: Started by MIT dropout Thiel Fellow.
  • RxNetwork: Reminders, med management and rewards platform. Early-stage.
  • Mango Health: App to log meds, get reminder, interaction alerts, and adherence rewards
  • MediSafe Project
  • RightScript
  • PillBoxie: Virtual pillbox on smartphone to help remind and organize the real one.
  • RxNetwork: Smartphone app + website for med adherence, reminders.
  • RxMindMe