Digital Medicine

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  • Akili Video game that aims to do cognitive therapeutics, assessments, and diagnostics
  • Pear Therapeutics: Interesting approach of using barcode on med-packaging to deliver digital care management packages. Since 2013. $20M raised.


  • Mindmaze: Swiss-based. $108M raised. VR and 3D motion capture based on neuroscience protocols, for brain injury patients. CE mark in Europe.
  • Psious: VR for psychiatry. Barcelona-based. Early stage.
  • Limbix: VR for psychiatry. SF-based. Early stage.
  • AppliedVR: VR for pain and anxiety management. Unknown funding.
  • VirtuallyBetter: Quasi-academic team creating VR packages for behavioral health. Unknown funding.
  • Surgical Theater: VR platform for pre-surgery planning, reharsal and patient education.$9.6M raised.
  • Vicarious Surgical: Stealth mode, but focused on VR+Surgery. At least $2.4M raised.


  • Reflexion Health: $29M raised. Kinect-based physical therapy. FDA approved in late 2015. West Health spinoff.
  • Jintronix: $6M raised. Montreal-based. Same as Reflexion. Got FDA approved in early 2015.
  • BioGaming: Israeli competitor to Reflexion. Raised $3.8M. FDA approved in early 2016.