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== Dermatology ==
=== Dermatology ===
*[https://www.dermlink.md Dermlink]: Marketplace
*[http://www.dermlink.md Dermlink]: Marketplace
*[https://yoderm.com/ YoDerm]: Teledermatology
*[http://yoderm.com/ YoDerm]: Teledermatology
*[http://iagnosis.com/ Iagnosis]: Teledermatology
*[http://iagnosis.com/ Iagnosis]: Teledermatology
*[https://us.klara.com/ Klara]: Marketplace
*[https://us.klara.com/ Klara]: Marketplace

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Mental Health

  • Ginger.io: Smartphone meta-analysis to intervene with mental health issues. Started 2011, raised $28M+ in 5 rounds. In closed pilots with large provider organizations.
  • Breakthrough: Telepsychiatry platform and marketplace. Raised $5.9M and got acquired by MDLive.com (telemedicine provider) in 2014
  • Lantern: Personalized programs and coaching for mental health
  • Big White Wall: Community support and online coaching for stress, anxiety
  • Ceresti: Tech and professional service based programs for Alzheimer’s Disease and other dementias
  • Empower interactive: CBT-based digital behavioral health solutions for organizations
  • Talkspace: Direct to consumer telepsychiatry