Care Collaboration

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  • Me & My Caregivers: Basically printed material for caregivers. The website provides associated services like PHR, alerts etc
  • Carelinx: Main offering is an online marketplace and matching service for caregivers. Tools provided are schedule management, invoicing, and care collaboration
  • Carezone: Online destination to organize and coordinate the care for individuals. Managing information, archival storage, keeping family and friends informed
  • TenderTree: Online Caregiver marketplace, with payment processing and background checks integrated
  • Care: Mega portal that has marketplace, organization tools to take care of children, seniors, pets, and even general home improvement tasks. Pretty wide value proposition
  • Jiff: Creating a healthcare communication platform using iPad applications
  • CareFlash: Lets you create a private, secure website to inform and update your family/friends about your medical condition
  • Saturing: Online tools for medication management, communication; coordinating in-home care services
  • PreciouStatus: Instant mobile updates for family members of a loved-one's status and activities
  • Care at Hand: Mobile app and management solution for field-based workers doing case management. Stealth mode, so exact offering not entirely clear.
  • NowDox: Very early stage startup focusing on tools/services around care collaboration.
  • Kinergy Health: Multiple workflow tools..
  • Tyze: Create a private community centered around one person's health
  • CareThread
  • Liviam: Calendaring, Blog, Task Management for care teams. Founder had a personal experience with ineffective coordination.
  • ClarityHealth: They have workflow solutions around ED Discharge, Surgery Notification and Authorization. Also Referrals (so can be included in list below too).
  • Act.MD: Care coordination platform made for the accountable care world. In startup private beta mode.
  • Seratis: Wharton students who won Verizon competition worth $850K. Early stage.
  • Yosko: Unclear what exactly they do in care collaboration. Used the google glass image for the cool factor.
  • DocSpera: Care coordination pitch. Started by ortho doc, so focused there, presumably.
  • CareMerge: Focused on seniors, so tailored to ALFs etc. Has both collaboration and care transition features.
  • Medocity: Various modules geared towards Oncology, CHF, COPD, Senior Living, Trials.


  • Omada Health: Group-based programs for chronic disease prevention (Diabetes). More about the program, less about collaboration.
  • Lantern: Programs for Mental Health, just like Omada. No focus on collaboration aspects, except with the Coach.


  • Par8o: Weird name. Experienced founders. Super-focused on providing a free referral platform.
  • Easy Referrals: An online system for facilitating, managing and tracking healthcare referrals
  • Trust.MD: An EHR-independent referral solution
  • DermLink.MD: A dermatology-specific referral solution and marketplace.
  • Fibroblast: Scheduling and Referral management solution
  • Mediprocity: A very rudimentary website about collaboration and referral platform of sorts
  • Doximity: Physician networking website with referral as one of the value propositions
  • Rank.MD: Early beta site that uses Fred trotter's DocGraph dataset to give a Google PageRank-like score to physicians. Very interesting concept.
  • ConsultingMD: Mostly about second opinion, but a part of it is also about letting patients get Referrals. Note that it has nothing to to with physician to physician referrals
  • eHealth Technologies: They basically operate a last-mile type of service for image exchange (ie retrieve films from the field, digitize and archive them to be accessed via their portal). They also have a side product around referrals and record retrieval.
  • Referrals.MD: Florida-based referral exchange group. Unclear if they sell software..