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  • Pokitdok: $48.7M raised. Healthcare API platform. Run Dokchain and FullMetalHealth sites as well.
  • Gem: Venice, CA. $12.5M Raised. Blockchain platform for Health, Auto and Supply Chain. Partnering with Philips for health use cases (undisclosed).
  • Healthcoin: $200K seed. Rewards platform for prevention and lifestyle changes based on biomarkers.
  • Hashed Health: $1.8M seed. Membership organization for standards, education and services around Blockchain in Healthcare.
  • Patientory: $7M+ Raised
  • Simply Vital Health: Pre-seed. Care Coordination platform. Small mention of blockchain based security. CTO was blockchain developer.
  • PointNurse: Unknown funding (Pre-seed). Telemedicine marketplace that connects nursing providers with potential telemedicine (care management) requests. In addition to payment for the care service, employees earn "care credits" that are based on blockchain.
  • BlockChain Health: Focused on blockchain-based security in medical research. SF. Unknown funding.
  • MedRec: Non-commercial. MIT project for medical record keeping using blockchain.
  • Healthcombix: Minimal info. Probably blockchain-based community care coordination program for ACOs etc.